VerTu was a clan on Combat Arms that played during the first three seasons of the World Online Gaming League. While mostly known for winning multiple seasons, VerTu was also recognized for their dominating clan record with over an 80% all time win rate. The team cultivated some world renowned gamers: Trick2G and TeePee, who both went on to compete in major titles. Several of the other members went on to compete at a professional level in various minor games like Alliance of Valiant Arms.


Due to the higher profile players and the overwhelming win percentage in tournaments and scrimmages, VerTu often came under scrutiny by various members in the community. During various points in their tenure, the team was often accused of cheating. While regularly unmerited, it was found during the last season that the leader of VerTu, xxTbag, was the creator the anti-cheat that the World Online Gaming League used for its competition. Though no evidence was ever found of them cheating, the team ended up disbanding after Season Three and will go down in North American Combat Arms competitive history as one of the best teams to ever play the game.

Tournament PlacingsEdit

VerTu was well known for winning almost every season of Combat Arms they played in, falling short on winning the title on just one occasion (in which they placed 2nd). They are often credited with winning the first season of the World Online Gaming League's Search and Destroy tournament, though the actual winners were e7 Gaming.




WOGL Season 1 2008 2nd
WOGL Season 2  2009 1st
Nexon Death March Tournament  2010 1st
WOGL Season 3 Professional 2010 1st