North American Competition Edit

The North American side of Combat Arms has had several leagues and competitions since its inception in 2008. The biggest league for six seasons was called the World Online Gaming League (WOGL) and lasted from 2008 until 2014. While predominantly a North American based league, WOGL was technically open to the world, making it a global event. Various other leagues have also had brief stints such as the Cyber-Gaming League (C-GL), Global Warfighter (GWF) and the Champions World Gaming League (CAWL). Additionally, there were community tournament websites such as z33k. The most current competition was Go4CA, which held minor cups. Go4CA has since been shut down. In early 2018, c3 became the newest community run league that has started cups. c3 has received support from VALOFE and hosts tournaments with GP and GC prizes.

Notable Teams Edit

Below are a list of notable North American teams that competed or are competing in Combat Arms currently. Please note, being considered "notable" requires a placement in a major tournament. If you believe your team belongs on this list, contact the page admins.

Majors Edit

Minors Edit

  • Team Rando
  • IceNine
  • Red Dragon
  • Escaped Konvicts
  • -iNsight
  • inFluence
  • Team Prospective
  • Motivation
  • eLogik
  • Syldd
  • ParoXsyme
  • PiSt
  • Glow Gaming
  • acronix
  • Fusion
  • F.E.A.R.E.D!!!!