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Tyler "Kolgarr" Haugen was a competitive Combat Arms player in the North American region. He competed in Combat Arms starting in 2008 and played actively until 2017, though for the last years of his tenure he did not compete. Known for his passive gameplay and clutch potential, Kolgarr was nominated in several WOGL awards as one of the top defensive players in the league. Kolgarr is the leader of Righteous Dawn, one of the most successful competitive teams in the game. Founded in 2008, the team has produced some of the top talent in the game's competitive scene. Though he spent most of his seasons playing for Righteous Dawn, he played for the New Zealand-based team Defile in WOGL Season 6 and NA-based Euphoria in the C-GL Invite division.

Kolgarr was also recognized for his game-play with his competitive teammate Ferrite. The two were known for their insane clutching and dominate game play. In a community poll ranking top pairs in the competitive scene, the Kolgarr/Ferrite pairing was consistently named as the top duo to ever play the game.

Kolgarr also had success playing other titles such as World of Warcraft and Black Squad, which he won several tournaments and cups. In 2008, he won a World of Warcraft arena tournament known as RJ's Arena of Champions, where he took home the prize of a computer valued at over $3,000. He also had several stints in various organizations for Counter-strike.

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Tournament Placings Edit

Placing Tournament Team
7th/8th WOGL Season 1 Righteous Dawn
2nd WOGL Season 3 Righteous Dawn
2nd Nexon Death March Tournament [1] Righteous Dawn
1st Global Warfighter Premier League Righteous Dawn
1st MLG Gamebattles Season 1 Righteous Dawn
3rd MLG 1v1 Ladder Season 1 Solo
1st WOGL Season 5 Professional Righteous Dawn
2nd WOGL Season 6 Defile
2nd C-GL Season 1 Euphoria
4th C-GL Season 2 Euphoria
1st Z33k 1v1 Combat Arms Tournament 2011 Solo
1st Z33k 1v1 Combat Arms Tournament 2012 Solo

Personal Life Edit

Tyler was born in 1991 in New Richmond, Wisconsin. He spent most of his life in the midwest until moving to Washington in September 2012 for the military. He attended college at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and received a degree in marketing.

Trivia Edit

  • Tyler played college hockey for the University of Washington Huskies from 2015-2017 [2] [3]
  • Tyler served in the United States Military for six years
  • Tyler had roles as a professional coach in several of the top esports games including Starcraft II, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends
  • Due to his love for the Warrior class in World of Warcraft and his dominant, "godlike" game-play in FPS titles, Tyler's friends nicknamed him the "God of War"

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